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Professional Cosmetic Artistry with Proven Healed Results. Beautiful Fine Line, Micro, & Tiny Tattoos

Permanent makeup and micropigmentation treatments are becoming the norm and changing the way we do beauty. The worldwide PMU community is larger than ever, more active than ever, and it’s really pushing the envelope. Soft and natural results is our specialty! Permanent makeup is so versatile it can cater to all tastes and adapt to the ever-changing beauty ideals of the moment. With the beauty industry as a whole shifting more towards convenience, permanent makeup has become more popular than ever. 


Semi-Permanent Eyebrows


Microblading $400

Microblading is a technique that's done manually with a special tool. Microblading is perfect for people who already have brows, but they are patchy or lack good shape. By adding hair strokes where necessary, your brows will get great arches and look fuller. A touchup appointment is required in 6-12 weeks to complete the treatment. Maintenance is required. Not suitable for oily or mature skin. 

Powder Brow $400

The Powder Brow technique works on all skin types. It involves shading the brow area with a machine designed for cosmetic tattooing. The micropigmentation leaves a naturally shaded look which heals soft and powdery. This Powder Brow service includes a private consultation, brow mapping, and the procedure. A touchup is required in 6-12 weeks to completer the treatment

Ombre Brow $400

The Ombre Brow technique works on all skin types. It involves shading the brow area with a machine designed for cosmetic tattooing. Ombre Brows are actually powder brows that have lighter fronts and darker tails – a so-called Ombre effect, popular in the beauty industry. Treatment includes a consultation, mapping, and service. A touchup is required in 6-12 weeks to completer the treatment

Initial Touchup $150

The Initial Touchup is your very first touchup after your treatment. Its done 6-12 weeks after and a is crucial part of your eyebrow treatment. Your Artist will go over your brows and fill in sparse and patchy areas that formed during your healing. The better you care for them, the better they will hold up. A periodic touchup is required in order to keep your brows.

Lip Blushing Treatment

Lip Blush

Lip Blushing $500

Lip blushing is a semi-permanent tattoo that can enhance the color and shape of your lips and give the impression of more fullness. This treatment involves softly shading the lip area with pigment to balance or add color, and provide less washed out appearance. Lip Blushing is meant to be soft but you may speak with your artist about giving you more of a matte lipstick look.

Lip Periodic Touchup $200

A Periodic Touchup is after you've had your lips blushed and you've had the first touchup that is included in the service. This touchup is done when you feel you'd like to freshen your color or add more color. Like all of our semi-permanent treatments, some maintenance is required in order to keep your color. If you choose not to come back, over time your color will continue to fade.

Aesthetic Body Art Tattoos


Tiny Tattoo $65+

Tiny tattoos, also known as micro tattoos, are subtle, delicate and often minimalist artwork that are impactful using fine lines. The tattooist uses fine needles to create images, letters, words, script writing, numbers, mandalas, geometrics or anything you can imagine.

Small Tattoo $100+

We love fine lines and aesthetically pleasing designs. But we can also custom make a design for you or we can do something you've had in mind. In general, a tattoo that's 2 to 3 inches is small. Not all tattoos are the same price so please feel free to contact us in order to give you the exact quote for your chosen design. 

Flash Sale

Flash Tattoo Sales 

We often have flash sheet sales and if you happen to find one you love and are looking for a place to book your appointment, this is it! Click the BOOK NOW button below and your will be forwarded to our booking site where you can select the flash sale sheet you'd like to make an appointment for. To find our flash sale designs, click here to like to our FB page where we post fun flash for our clients to look at and select from. 

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