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About Us

So many forget that the people providing a service are actually people. At our core, we are humans. We are humans that found a passion in providing treatments that make others look and feel more beautiful but we are also much more than that.

So who are we?

Well, we are human and we have feelings. We are artist. We are creatives. But we are also professionals and we are very passionate about what we do. We are a collective; We are APMU.  

Image by Andrew Moca

We are inspired everyday by our clients to continue to offer our best, to keep up with the latest styles and techniques, and to always treat others the way we would want to be treated. This means we use the absolute best quality products and conduct honest treatments and give honest answers. Our Team at APMU will make your visit friendly, pleasant, and informative. We want to ease your mind and remove any worry, anxiety, or stress from the equation.

We look forward to meeting and working with you. 

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